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Interview with MoviePOP & Creator, DJ Washington

MoviePOP Featured Image
MoviePOP Featured Image

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DJ Washington is the creator of MoviePOP and works remotely fine-tuning his craft as a Content Creator and Youtuber. With his co-host Lawrence, they provide entertaining reviews and insight into the latest movies, trailers, and TV shows every weekend with a dose of edginess! In this interview with MoviePOP, DJ gives us insights into his remote work life.

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What’s your current profession?

Oncology Clinical Pharmacy Liaison

How did you get started with working remotely and how did you make this transition?

I keep a current working knowledge about technology in general, from coding software and the latest hardware developments. After 10 years of retaining such knowledge, I felt it was finally time to pull the trigger and put it into practice and free myself from the drudgery that is my current working profession.

What are you currently working on?

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Right now the bulk of my time is used researching YouTube growth strategies and actively promoting my movie review youtube channel across social media and more intimately with other noteworthy influencers and their fan base.

What’s your typical workday like?

I’m currently in between jobs due to my move back to Southern California. So I spend time on my passion projects throughout the day at my convenience, which generally follows a schedule of waking up at 8 am and delegating tasks to completion up until 11 PM and later if necessary.

What do you like about working remotely?

If I have to respond to an emergency booty call, there’s no salty cockblocking manager to stop me.

Also, being free from the mandatory restrictions of the modern workplace. I work whenever and wherever my sexy Lil’ heart desires…

What do you not like about working remotely?

I’m an extroverted introvert, so while I do enjoy working alone…I do miss interacting with people 50% of the time. By “people” I’m solely referring to all the cute women at work.

Which city or country have you worked at since working remote? Which one has been your favorite?

I’m pleased to say I was working in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan last month. I was able to stay current with movie news in the states, track my channel analytics, and maintain my brand’s social media presence whether using my laptop inside my Airbnb or using my phone while walking the streets of Shibuya.

Do you have a dedicated workspace to work?

No.I’ve been following the hobo’s guide to living. While Digital Nomad Sage is a Digital Nomad, I am a real life nomad. I previously made regular moves once a year between the west and east coast, so my setup is portable.

My laptop, external monitor, AKAI MPK49 and APC40, and KRK Rokit Speakers are all I need at the moment.

What tools do you use when you’re working?

  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere)
  • Ableton Live (Electronic music production, Sound Effects)
  • Google Calendar and Sheets: For organizing my personal schedule I use calendar, and sheets I have a spreadsheet for my YouTube channel schedule (recording times, lists of current films to review, expenses) shared with my co-host.

How do you stay focused when working?

I find a healthy enema cocktail of amphetamines and whiskey in the morning really starts the day off right. In lieu of this, I generally keep a consistent schedule that maintains my headspace and keeps me in a natural state of flow. Then it’s simple as either turning on some music or youtube videos of entertainment industry pundits to listen while I work. I like to learn while I work.

What’s the best piece of advice that you’d like to give to those that want to work remotely?

Take a deep breath, push your chest out, summon the courage within you to approach your boss and slap the black off their ass while declaring you’re quitting. Honestly, I’m far from qualified to suggest any tips beyond the obvious. The stored information in your mind is useless until you put it into practice. If you think a remote work lifestyle is appealing to you, just dive right into making that a reality for yourself and figure it out while you go. Use your free time outside your working career for that until you can comfortably switch into a remote work lifestyle that is financially viable.

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