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Best Fire Books

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Best Fire (Financial Independence Retire Early) Books

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The FIRE Movement is growing and growing but there aren’t too many personal finance books out there. I’ve done some research and compiled a list of the Best Fire (Financial Independence Retire Early) Books available. You can use the following books as a solid foundation to keep you motivated while you work towards Financial Independence. Let’s begin!

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

The 4-Hour Workweek

If you’re a Digital Nomad or Remote Worker like me then you may have already known about this amazing book! This book focuses on ditching the 9-5 to become an entrepreneur while working from anywhere. This book instills in its readers that it’s possible to change the course of your life for the better. There are great tips on how to automate a business and build a passive income. If you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur and using that to accelerate your path to financial independence, this is the book for you!

I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

I Will Teach You to Be Rich

This book is a personal finance classic. You’ll be able to implement many of the strategies mentioned in his book immediately. Ramit breaks down how to make money simply and effectively. This book has a large focus on income optimization and is one of the best Fire books for entrepreneurs that plan to launch their own business.

Different mindsets are presented in the book that will change how you think about money and its role in your life. Ramit also details how to best spend money to maximize happiness in your life. It’s worth buying a copy of this book for anyone in the Fire Movement looking to produce additional income through entrepreneurship.

The Bogleheads Guide to Investing By Taylor Larimore, Mel Lindauer, and Michael LeBoeuf

The Bogelhead's Guide to Investing

This book is one of the best investing books ever written and is a great place to go more in-depth with your FIRE investing strategies. It’s a great starting point for those that want to get started with investing. There is a large focus on index fund investing. The mechanisms behind how index funds work are fully explored in addition to the steps on how to invest in them. There’s helpful advice on how to manage two or three investing portfolio funds without assistance from a financial advisor.

There’s also tax-efficient investing recommendations and is worth a look for those wanting to make the most of their hard-earned money.

Retire Early with Real Estate by Chad Carson

Retire Early with Real Estate

Real estate investing is one of the fastest paths to financial independence and this book is a great blueprint to make it happen. Chad Carson, the author of this book has invested in hundreds of properties and reached financial independence in his 30’s. The main focus of this book is helping you to retire early by using real estate. If you’re in the Fire Movement and want to invest in real estate this book is an outstanding choice to get started.

Playing with FIRE by Scott Rieckens

Playing with FIRE

In this book, Scott Rieckens writes a great starter book about him and his wife discovering the Fire movement. It follows their first year and is an intimate look at what following FIRE is like. The main focus is on what it’s like to change your financial life and to start prioritizing happiness in your life. It’s definitely worth a read!

Quit Like a Millionaire by Kristy Shen and Brice Leung

Quit Like a Millionaire

Add this to your list of Best Fire (Financial Independence Retire Early) Books. Both Kristy and Bryce created a popular blog called the “Millennial Revolution“. It’s an amazing no BS guide that will assist you in growing your wealth, retiring early, and living life on your own terms. Kristy Shen retired at the age of 31 with a million dollars. Check out their book to see their mathematically proven approach to retire decades before 65. It’s one of the few, maybe the only personal finance book that will make you laugh out loud. This book has many charts and graphs to illustrate key points and takeaways. It’s a must-read!

The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins

Best Fire Books: The Simple Path to Wealth

JL Collins takes the guesswork out of making investments and gives the clearest breakdowns on the types, fees, and ways to invest. The book is informative and breaks down everything that you need to know with regard to investing. You’ll learn how to invest and why you should.

Which Best Financial Independence Retire Early Book is your favorite?

Hopefully these Best Fire Books will help you on your Financial Independence Retire Early Journey! Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite!


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