Saturday, January 23, 2021

A little bit ABOUT ME


Digital Nomad Sage Mission:"To provide informational value to fellow remote workers and digital nomads that want to achieve financial freedom."The purpose of this website is to one day become a premier one-stop resource for fellow Digital Nomads & Remote Workers.


It was 2015 when I came back to the United States after 4 years of teaching abroad in South Korea. I came back with a Masters degree yet still had difficulty finding a job. It was a tough time being constantly rejected for being “overqualified” but most especially because I “didn’t have enough experience”. Like many millennials with a degree but no experience, it pretty much sucked…for a long time!

One day, my former language teacher from college gave me a job offer. He needed help with UX projects on a project to project basis and took me under his wing. I worked remotely and worked on some very big and interesting UX Research projects. It was a new thing to tackle but luckily I was able to become better at it over time.

My first paycheck as an entry-level UX Consultant (Research) was the biggest paycheck I ever saw in my life! I made good money working remotely at $35+ an hour starting off! Later, I discovered affiliate marketing, passive income, and online business while watching videos on Youtube. Roberto Blake - STOP TRADING TIME FOR MONEY! $1000/Week PASSIVE INCOME! It opened up a whole new world to a struggling Millennial like me.

I'm currently making profits each month with Kindle Publishing and hope to scale it into a full-time income someday. Through my site, I want to show others that it's possible to become a Digital Nomad/Remote Worker and to make a passive income!


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